How to shop for a used tractor

Buying a tractor is a major financial decision, but if budget is limited, you can save thousands of dollars if you shop for a used tractor.

Of course, buying a used tractor comes with some risk, and you’ll want to do your due diligence before putting your money on the line. To help you along your tractor-buying journey, we’ve got some tips when it comes to looking at used tractors.

Know what you need

Before looking for used tractors, you need to know exactly what you need your tractor to do. Smaller subcompact tractors are great for maintenance work and mowing grass, but if you are doing real farming work, then you need a tractor with the horsepower to get it done.

You are better off buying a tractor that has a little bit more muscle than you need rather than one that barely can handle your needs now. This way you won’t have to go looking for another tractor in a year or two.

Know what you need

Just like with people, first impressions are important when it comes to tractors. If a used tractor looks clean and cared for, there’s a pretty good chance it has been well looked after. But if it has significant body damage, is weather beaten, or dirty, it’s safe to assume the owner hasn’t spent a lot of time taking proper care of it.

It’s also worth noting where the tractor is stored. A tractor that is kept out in the open 24 hours a day will be more susceptible to rust and corrosion than one kept in a covered shed or garage.

Tractor transport

It Is very important to use a safe transport company or one with an escrow service .

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